mission statement

e-think – energy systems for the future


e-think is a private non-profit research institution based in Vienna. Its aim is to advance research in the field of energy economics at its interface with environment and human society. Through technical, economic and environmental assessments e-think contributes to the transition towards sustainable energy systems.
e-think‘s main areas of competence are:

  • Analyse socio-economic aspects of energy use
  • Model energy systems and develop scenarios
  • Assess impacts of energy policies
  • Develop effective and efficient deployment strategies for RES in electricity, heat and transport
  • Promote energy efficiency in buildings, mobility, electrical and industrial applications

e-think’s activities encompass (i) research in interdisciplinary cooperation, (ii) implementation and (iii) communication of research results. e-think is a spin-off of the Energy Economics Group of Vienna University of Technology and, thus, practises strong cooperation in energy economics and modelling.