Prof. DI. Dr. Reinhard Haas (President)

Renewable energy, regulation of liberalised energy markets, sustainable energy systems

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DI. Dr. Lukas Kranzl (Secretary)

Energy efficiency and renewable energy in the building secotr, analysis of policy instruments, bioenergy

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DI. Dr. Gustav Resch (Deputy President)

Potentials and costs of renewable energy carriers for electricity generation, promotion strategies for renewables, energy policy, graphical design and layout

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DI. Dr. Peter Biermayr (Auditor)

Renewables and energy efficiency, consumer’s behaviour, life cycle energy analyses, diffusion of innovations, sustainable energy and society systems

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Tel.: +43-(0)680-5076744

DI. Marcus Hummel (Managing Director)

Energy demand in industry, buildings and services, efficiency measures and integration of renewable energy, energy policy instruments

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Tel.: +43-(0)670-7015799

DI. Dr. Thomas Faber (Ordninary Member)

Renewable energy carriers, energy policy instruments, modelling, energy markets

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DI. Dr. Andreas Müller ( Deputy Managing Director)

Energy in buildings, energy modelling, energy efficiency

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DI. Dr. Demet Suna (Deputy Secretary)

Energy policy instruments and techo-economic assessments of energy efficiency and renewable energies

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DI. Dr. Amela Ajanovic (Auditor)

Sustainable energy systems, modeling, scenarios, economic and ecological assessments of alternative fuels and alternative automotive systems

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