District heating and cooling in the European Union

on Jun 16, 2014 in Energieeffizienz, Erneuerbare Energie, Hummel

District heating and cooling in the European Union – policy requirements, future relevance and challenges in the implementation


In order to reach the targets of a low-carbon economy agreed on by the European Union the current energy systems have to increase in efficiency and the deployment of renewable energies. In this context district heating and cooling can play a major role as it allows the integration of waste heat from different sources and the use of large scale renewables. Furthermore excess electricity from volatile renewable sources can be used in district heating systems. In this presentation we show the current policy framework at EU level regarding heating and cooling, we examine the future relevance of district heating and cooling and we discuss the major challenges in the implementation of efficient and renewable district heating and cooling systems.

Authors: Marcus Hummel

Lecture (pdf): OverviewDistrictHeating

Fotocredit: Marcus Hummel / e-think