e-think: Topics of Research

The core focus of e-think’s research is on the analysis of economic, energetic and environmental aspects of energy systems with the ultimative goal of heading towards sustainable systems. The following categories state specific cornerstones of our work:

socio-economic aspects of energy use

For some decades in the last century the design of energy systems was mainly conducted from supply-side technologies’ point-of-view. ….more

Energy policy instruments

A major focus of e-think’s work is the analysis of the effects of energy policy instruments and the corresponding optimal design to meet future energy policy goals. … more

Energy efficiency

Saving energy by increasing energy efficiency is a major focus of energy policies in Europe and beyond. Related analyses are conducted by e-think in the industry, in transport, households and service buildings. … more

Renewable Energy

Dissemination strategies for renewable energy sources are of key relevance for sustainable energy systems. In our work emphasis is put on the derivation of efficient promotion strategies … more

Energy and GHG emission scenarios

e-think conducts energy modelling with the goal of deriving scenarios for energy supply and demand as well as GHG emission under the condition of specific energy policy strategies implemented. … more

Electricity markets

Currently, increasing quantities of intermittent renewables bring about radical changes in electricity markets. These changes encompass the organisation, legal frameworks, market structures, market rules and especially the role of the demand-side. … more