energy efficiency


Energy efficiency

Saving energy by increasing energy efficiency is a major focus of energy policies in Europe and beyond. Related analyses are conducted by e-think in the industry, in transport, households and service buildings. Special focus is put on improving the thermal quality of buildings the fuel intensity of cars and the efficiency of electric appliances in households, the service sector and industry. Finally, e-think also investigates the rebound effects taking into account that theoretically calculated savings are usually not achieved in real life.


HotMaps – Heating and Cooling: Open Source Tool for Mapping and Planning of Energy Systems

HotMaps will develop, demonstrate and disseminate a toolbox to support public authorities, energy agencies and planners in strategic heating and cooling planning on local, regional and national levels, and in-line with EU policies. … more

Distributed geothermal low-temperature heating grids in urban areas (DEGENT-NET)

DENT-NET deals with geothermally powered energy networks (network temperature <30° C) to provide district heating and cooling by means of decentralized heat pumps. ... more

Austrian Heatmap

The Austrian Heatmap shows heating demand and potentials for district heating, CHP, waste heat and renewable heat in high resolution. … more

P2H-Pot – Potentials, economic feasibility and system solutions for Power-to-Heat

P2H-Pot identifies economically feasible potentials for Power-to-Heat (P2H) in urban regions. The suitability of different technical system configurations are investigated using thermodynamic simulation and … more

ZEBRA2020 – Nearly Zero-Energy Building Strategy 2020

Sustainability of the European society and economy will be based on renewable energy and resource efficiency. For the building sector, this implies the large scale deployment of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEBs). … more

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