renewable energy


Renewable energy

Dissemination strategies for renewable energy sources are of key relevance for sustainable energy systems. In our work emphasis is put on the derivation of efficient promotion strategies and an evaluation of financial incentives as a dissemination tool. The major technologies investigated are: Wind, PV, Solar-thermal systems and biomass applications. Furthermore, in international co-operations systems e-think analyzes future perspectives of RES and conducts economic evaluations regarding the employment and GDP effects of various renewable energy carriers.


progRESsHEAT – Fostering the use of renewable energies for heating and cooling

progRESsHEAT is intended to support the market uptake of existing and emerging renewable electricity, heating and cooling technologies. … more

Austrian Heatmap

The Austrian Heatmap shows heating demand and potentials for district heating, CHP, waste heat and renewable heat in high resolution. … more

Austrian market roadmap for heat pumps

In this research project a roadmap for the development of heat pump market in Austria is created by the year 2030. … more

Erneuerbare Energie in Zahlen – die Entwicklung erneuerbarer Energie in Österreich im Jahr 2014

In this project, a brochure was created, showing the importance of renewable energy in Austria in 2014 quantitatively and qualitatively. … more

Renewables Energies versus Nuclear Power – Comparing Financial Support

The European Union is divided on the issue of electricity production. While there is consensus that generation technologies need to be low on greenhouse gas- emissions, … more

P2H-Pot – Potentials, economic feasibility and system solutions for Power-to-Heat

P2H-Pot identifies economically feasible potentials for Power-to-Heat (P2H) in urban regions. … more

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