Short Characterisation Green-X Model

on Jun 16, 2014 in Energie- und Treibhausgasszenarien, Energiepolitische Instrumente, Erneuerbare Energie, Haas, Resch, Lectures

Short Characterisation Green-X Model


This presentation gives a brief overview on the Green-X model, a specialised energy system model, geographically bounded to the European Union and its neighbours, that has been used in several impact assessments and research studies related to renewable energies at a national and at a European level. The core strengths of this tool are its detailed representation of RES resources and technologies, and its detailed incorporation of energy policy instruments. This allows various policy design options to be assessed with respect to resulting costs, expenditures and benefits as well as environmental impacts.

Authors: Gustav Resch, Reinhard Haas

Lecture (pdf): Short Characterisation Green-X Model

Fotocredit: Gustav Resch / e-think